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The composition of the K-Brick is made up of conventional raw materials associated with the manufacturing of standard masonry blocks.  The uniqueness lies in the interlocking feature and the way the blocks are “stacked” to form an isometric wall system.  Each block has a tongue and lip which enables the blocks to efficiently interlock into each other.  Blocks are bonded using specialized bonding cement slurry known as block grip. (Blocks are not dry stacked). Two apertures are provided for services for plumbing and electrical – Based on international building standards, NO CHASING in the super structure is allowed.

KBB comprises of thirteen different moulds i.e. starter block, main block, corner block and lintel block comprising of the 140 range. Due to the blocks being solid, the acoustic characteristics are favourable with regards to reducing sound transmission between rooms.  In addition tests have demonstrated exceptional thermal properties of the wall system which reduces heat transfer into the building envelope in summer, and reduces the transfer of heat out of the building envelope in winter.  KBB has recently introduced isolite as part of the ceiling system in order to reduce the transfer of heat through the roof.  Various projects have been carried out in order to prove the sustainability of the K-Brick building system.

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