Head Office:
E-Mail: sales.kbn@iway.na
P.O. Box 25997
Republic of Namibia

SADC Office:
E-Mail: sales.kbn@iway.na
P.O. Box 303
Gordon’s Bay, 7151
Republic of South Africa

Portfolio of Projects
All descriptions refer to the photos above each line of text. All projects constructed using the KBB interlocking masonry block range. Click photo to enlarge.

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pf01 pf02 pf03

pf04 pf05 pf06


Kavango Block Brick Award Winning concept houses constructed at the end of 2009 in Wellington South Africa.  KBB were participants in the “ABSA / NHBRC International Innovative Housing and Sustainable Energy Efficiency Competition 2009”

pf08 pf09